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Businesses You Can Start at Home

From freelancing to e-commerce, find out which businesses will allow you to work your hours and earn money at the same time.

The quality of an influencer is not measured in the number of followers

One of the most important phases in an influencer marketing campaign is the selection of the profiles that will help your brand or your client to become known.

Things to Know Before You Franchise

Acquiring a franchise can be much less risky than starting a new business, success will depend on choosing the right option.

Starting a Business? Here is How to Get Motivated

There are countless trials and tribulations that get in the way of successful self-employment, but following some simple steps can help you be your own boss.

Not sure about starting up?, start easy

If you have thought about launching a business and are still not sure where to start, the best approach is to capitalize on your interests, skills and knowledge.

Fitness Business Ideas to do in 2021

The pandemic has affected thousands of businesses, and gyms have not been the exception, we have gone through ups and downs and we still have not managed to stabilize.

Retirement Business Ideas

The median retirement age in the US stands at around 63 for women and 65 for men, according to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

Find a Business Idea That Will Make You Money

Entrepreneurs invest time developing business ideas that do something better than available options, increase competition, or disrupt a category.

“Inc” In a Company Name

“Inc.” is an abbreviation of “incorporated,” and both the abbreviation and the full word mean that a company’s business structure is a legal corporation.

Mistakes New Business Owners Make

There are many stories of large corporations buying small startups for millions of dollars. Although it sounds very easy, running a small business takes time, hard work, and commitment.

Tips to Open Your Online Store

At this time it is possible that you are investigating several options to launch a business, and if you have an online project in mind you should know where to start.

Business Incubators Help Hispanic Small Businesses Take Off

For many Hispanic entrepreneurs, finding an incubator to help them realize their business idea is no easy task. Fortunately, the number of incubators serving Hispanic small businesses is growing.

Starting a Business With a Partner

The easiest way to start a business with someone else is to establish a general partnership.

How is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure in the United States whereby the owners are not personally liable for the company’s debts or liabilities.

Best Sites for Freelance Services

More than 15 trusted sites are available to hire freelancers in industries such as accounting, copywriting, graphic design, and marketing.

Move Fast And Confront Failure As A New Entrepreneur

New entrepreneurs can gain much insight from those who have gone before on the topic of failure and decision making.

Education And Employment Opportunities

Imagine completing a course and earning a credential and automatically unlocking work-based learning opportunities and receiving invitations to college.

Start a business while unemployed

Being unemployed can be devastating, but it also opens up the possibility of doing something you love.

Cyber-scams related to the COVID 19 vaccine emerge

ESET launches an alert for cybercriminals who try to profit from the launch of the COVID 19 vaccine through cyber deception or with the false promise to help so that they can be vaccinated early.

Now Digital Marketing Is Sports-Watching, Rather Than Marketing

Should digital marketing be a spectator sport, like watching sports? No. But sadly, most of the digital marketing we are doing right now is just that watching sports and big numbers on dashboards.

History of Social Networks: their born and evolution

The arrival of the Internet, some years ago, generated a before and after in different civilizations, especially because it opened the way to a new way of communication between users.

Seven Industry Experts Predict The Biggest Beauty Trends Of 2021

With a raging global pandemic, a contentious presidential election, and an unexpected economic crash, 2020 changed nearly every facet of our lives, and not even our beauty routines were immune to its effects.

This new year focus on learning more

And if you think you can’t learn less, just close your eyes, plug your ears, hold your nose. See, already you are learning less: less about what’s going on around you; less about your partners and less about yourself; and, in addition, you look ridiculous.

The Cure For Our Chronic Workplace Disease

If you think of a chronic condition as long-developing, an acute condition is sudden and severe. Our long-developing employee identity crisis at work has just been overpowered thanks to the sudden and severe shock of Covid-19.

How to form (and maintain) good habits

Why is it so difficult to form good habits? Why is it so hard to be consistent with change? How is it that we can have every intention of becoming better people, but then see very little progress? And even more importantly, is there anything we can do?

The 10 Biggest Business Trends For 2021

When employees were under lockdown orders due to COVID, companies had to quickly adapt operations to a remote workforce.

11 Growth-Oriented Books To Read In 2021

In each of these options, you will notice that none are fiction, romance novels and are more focused on personal development, spiritual growth and social justice. If they are not the genres of your preference, you can give something new a try and maybe you can surprise yourself.

6 resolutions you must have in 2021 to grow your business

Resolutions to have in 2021 to grow your business. Enrolling in a leadership course and devising a marketing plan can be actions that trigger the growth of your startup next year.

Do you want to be happy in 2021? 13 habits that you must eliminate

It is no secret that we are all obsessed with happiness. After all, the search for it is found even in the US Declaration of Independence. But yes, happiness is very volatile, how can we find it and keep it alive?

The 10 financial goals you should have for 2021

A few days after the start of the year there are many people who think about their New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, start exercising, buy a new car, a new house, take that trip or other resolutions that have been left behind year after year.

The Lessons and Events of 2020 to Carry Us Forward Into 2021

With the growing awareness that things will not “get back to normal,” the effort to shape an economy that works for all concerned takes on greater importance and urgency.

Five Top Leadership Lessons From 2020

For many leaders, 2020 will have been one of the most challenging years in their professional careers if not the most challenging.

How to create a custom background on Google Meet

This awesome ability means you can change your backdrop to one that shows off your personality, be that your favorite landscape, an interesting abstract design, a building you love, an aspirational roomset, or just pics of your pets.

Netflix’s New Holiday Movies

This year, Netflix has made the movie rotation even more packed by releasing new holiday films. A good excuse to stay in each and make the atmosphere more Christmas.

How Did KFC Become Such A Holiday Tradition In Japan?

How the entire country grew to adopt a fast-food meal as their Christmas tradition is a bit of a mystery to some, but it’s been successful ever since its first introduction back in 1970.

Mobile App Ideas To Generate Revenue in 2021

From startups to leading companies, they have dedicated mobile apps to attract more customers through a mobile device. Of course it is not as easy as it seems.

Google introduces Baby Yoda in augmented reality

The lovable co-star of the Star Wars saga, Baby Yoda, can be seen in augmented reality in Google’s search for phones.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn: Today in its maximum splendor

On the night of December 21, 2020, the planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will culminate, a mysterious astronomical phenomenon known as the ‘Star of Bethlehem’.

Chicago 7-year-old raises money for hospital’s pandemic gear

The spunky 7-year-old from Chicago has spent most of the coronavirus pandemic crafting the creations as a fundraiser to buy personal protective equipment for a children’s hospital.

How start my business? 10 basic steps

Starting a business requires planning, making crucial financial decisions, and performing a number of legal activities.

Forms of contracting that allow you to win federal government contracts.

To establish a level playing field for all small businesses, the government limits competition for certain contracts to small businesses.

6 Christmas Party Games for the Adults

This Christmas will be different for everyone, especially because we will not be able to hold large events for our safety, and we will have to celebrate only those who are at home.

8 best website builders in 2020

The great thing about website builder programs is that they have templates for different industries (take a look at these templates from Wix, for example). You just have to choose the one you like the most and add your own text and images.

How Certified B Corporations work

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

How to meet Santa safely and make a better Christmas for children

Seeing Santa is for many families a holiday tradition that goes back generations. It’s the annual snapshot that year-after-year marks the passage of time, and a reminder that children believe in magic, and that a jolly bearded man can make their wishes come true.

Despite COVID-19 Vaccine, US Employees Still Not OK Returning to Work

As distribution of a coronavirus vaccine begins in the US, many companies continue to delay going back to the office as employees hesitate to return to work, a new survey suggests.

Which winter sports are safest to play during COVID-19?

The best physical activities for limiting the risk of coronavirus infections are the ones you do alone or with members of your household, says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sparks police warn fake phone calls are part of spam attack

Sparks police and city officials are warning residents about fake phone calls that appear to be part of a spam attack regarding federal warrants and fictitious activity on Amazon accounts.

Classic Christmas Movies You Can Only See On Disney +

Christmas is present at Disney +. Like few streaming servers, Disney + reserves classic films in its catalog that are an elementary part of the December dates to be seen with the family.

Walmart announces it will be distributing Covid vaccine

Walmart said it is getting ready to start distributing the Covid-19 as soon as it’s approved, the retail giant’s chief medical officer said.

Big Ideas 2021: trends that will define next year

No one saw it coming. At the end of 2019, economists in the United States were talking about the prospect of full employment in the country, we expected Brexit to dominate the headlines in Europe and Japan was set to open its doors to the world as host of the Summer Olympics.

Facebook faces U.S. lawsuits that could force sale of Instagram, WhatsApp

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and nearly every U.S. state sued Facebook Inc on Wednesday, saying that it broke antitrust law and should potentially be broken up.

The 100 most powerful women in the world in 2020

From fighting the pandemic to reengineering American politics, these women, including New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, are making history (Forbes).

Home-Based Franchise Opportunities

Franchising isn’t just about restaurants and retail stores. There are plenty of home-based franchise and business opportunities available.

Veterans-Owned Small Business Program with Disabilities

The federal government’s goal is to award at least three percent of the entire federal contracting budget each year to small businesses owned by disabled veterans.

Support small businesses by acquiring the perfect gifts this holiday season

In this especially difficult time for everyone, it is important to take into account small businesses, in addition to supporting them you can find quality things, made with dedication and very beautiful.

Cyberpunk 2077 – The trending video game

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamor, and body modification.

Children’s Franchise Opportunities in USA

The market for children’s services and products is huge and growing. According to the latest U.S. Census, there are more than 74 million children in the United States (or about 1/4 of the national population).

Digital entrepreneurship, the best way out

The online environment allows professionals to autonomously direct the entire management process of their business; from registering the brand name to sending the product to the customer’s home.

Types of influencers and how much they earn

Currently, there are several types of Influencers, since each one has its own style, a different theme and different ways of reaching a specific target. Here are some of the most common types of influencers.

Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Preparation Checklist

This is a program coordinated by the Small Business Administration (SBA) with the goal of giving women-owned businesses easier access to the resource they need to grow their business.

Steps to start a cleaning business service

At this stage in which many businesses have been affected by the pandemic, it is common to look for different viable alternatives that may have a promising future, one of them is an established cleaning business service.

How can you be influencer

Influencers already form a community of more than 20 million around the world. A number that does not stop growing, since more and more young people want to become what their idols have become.

All beauty products are under regulation, such as nail products

Nail products for home and salon use are regulated by Food and Drug Administration. Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), these products are regulated as cosmetics [FD&C Act, section 201(i)].

A Brooklyn Lifestyle Brand Expands in Real Life

Running a physical store during the pandemic has been a nightmare for countless independent retailers across the United States, including Jill Lindsey.

Karate Lessons by Zoom

The karate fighter and two-time Venezuelan world champion Antonio Díaz began the year training for his participation in the Tokyo Olympics, the first edition of the games that karate admits in its program.

Top 10 movies on the Apple TV app

Top 10 movies on the Apple TV app. After Thanksgiving dinner and possibly a busy Black Friday, you will seek to take a break in front of the television or your mobile device and watch a movie.

The Guide to Opening a Hair Salon

If you are thinking of starting a new business, specifically opening a hair salon, you know that it is a competitive area: the beauty industry is worth more than $ 56 billion a year...

Giving Tuesday 2020: How to participate

When is Giving Tuesday? The day after Cyber Monday, bringing to an end a series of shopping days including Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

2020 Black Friday Deals for Busy Small Business Owners

For many, the hunt for the best deals is part of the allure of the shopping season. But if you don’t feel like browsing scores of websites to make a purchase, you should check out the following vendors first.

Are outdoor patios safer than indoor dining?

Are outdoor patios safer than indoor dining? Every family or group vacation gathering should practice what epidemiologists call “harm reduction.”..

Tricks to stop wasting money

Tricks to stop wasting money. While it is true that we are increasingly aware of the issue of saving, we continue to have spending habits that we can improve to avoid wasting money.

Google’s Super App Wakeup Call

Google’s Super App Wakeup Call. In June of 2019, PYMNTS asked a national sample of 1,037 smartphone users about their interest in having a single app that would make their everyday activities easier to access and manage.

Maradona’s life: Six historical events in six decades

His debut as a footballer in Argentinos Juniors, his history with Naples, the heaven he touched in the World Cup in Mexico 86 and the hell to which he fell in the United States 94...

Best Thanksgiving Songs to Play

Best Thanksgiving Songs to Play. Between planning a meal with the best Thanksgiving recipes, entertaining guests, and everything in-between...

Amazon has launched its own online pharmacy

Amazon Prime members are eligible for free two-day delivery and discounts of up to 80% on generic drugs and 40% on brand name prescription drugs.

Zoom wants to be part of Thanksgiving

It’s only a temporary removal of the 40-minute restriction, lasting from midnight on Thanksgiving Day (November 26th) to 6AM ET on November 27th.

How a small family cider business keeps afloat

Sales are down at its two sit-down venues a cider house in downtown Boise and a smaller tap room at its bottling facility in nearby Garden City.

7 tips from Warren Buffett so that you stop being part of the heap

You’ve probably heard of Warren Buffett. If you do not know him, he is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs and investors of all time.

11 teachings of great leaders worldwide

No matter what type of profitable business you are thinking of starting, day by day you will face making decisions, solving problems and creating strategies.

New contact tracing apps stir hope for virus fighters in U.S. states

A new wave of mobile apps that help track exposure to the coronavirus is coming to U.S. states ahead of the holidays as public health officials bet that recently introduced features from Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google.

The importance of the LGBT + market for brands

Times are changing considerably in favor of equality and inclusion. And this is the case of sexual freedom and the great importance that the LGBT + community is taking.

Elon Musk is now richer with Tesla

Elon Musk is now richer than Warren Buffett with Tesla joining the S & P500.

Cash flow management, key in the recovery of your business

Faced with the contingency, companies have their best financial ally in the correct management of cash flow to achieve a speedy recovery and return to competitiveness. Find out how to do it.

5 benefits of humor at work and productivity

In business, what takes is seriousness. We want our businesses to be serious. We want customers, employees, and competition to take us seriously.

Jeff Bezos recounts in this book how he made his fortune

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world and owner of Amazon, recounts in this book how he made his fortune.

Cash flow management, key in the recovery of your business

Faced with the contingency, companies have their best financial ally in the correct management of cash flow to achieve a speedy recovery and return to competitiveness. Find out how to do it.

How ecommerce is taking advantage after COVID19

Ecommerce is taking advantage after COVID19 and continues to gain ground on face-to-face purchases and has already seen several years of sustained growth.

Online parties start to be a business

Online parties with 500 people, a DJ, dancers and an entertainer. All for Zoom.

The 5 best business documentaries on Netflix

In this article, you will learn about 5 business documentaries on Netflix that will teach you different aspects of business.

A date to remember: Veterans Day (Armistice Day)

November 11, 1919 marked the first anniversary of the end of the First World War. President Woodrow Wilson declared that day Armistice Day.

Nine apps to learn a new language free

We are living especially difficult times in which it is necessary to be better prepared to face high competitiveness, a great alternative is to propose to learn a new language.

Small businesses around the world begin to restructure

The reality of pandemic, with its dire economic consequences, has led many small businesses to close or, to rethink their structure.

Basic steps to consider when starting a business

Starting a business is the beginning of an exciting – and sometimes challenging period in your life. Suddenly you find yourself immersed in a whole new world of licensing, insurance, marketing and leasing

Use market research to find customers

Market research combines consumer behavior and economic trends to confirm and improve your business idea.

Why You Should Consider Starting a Business Now?

All eyes are on entrepreneurs as they emerge from coronavirus hibernation and test the environment for signs of renewal.

How do hairdressers live this new normal?

The return of hairdressers and barbershops have been a real relief for many, especially for those who have had their first experience with hair dye, cutting machines or scissors.

The entrepreneur who generates 2M a year with apple skin bags

The brand sells bags, clothing and accessories made from ethically sourced sustainable materials such as apple skin, bamboo and castor oil.

Kylie Jenner launches her new line of cosmetics

The younger sister of the Kardashian Jenner Clan Kylie Jenner surprised her millions of followers...

Adapt or close, the new reality of restaurants

To survive the “new normal” caused by the Covid-19 health emergency, restaurants and businesses dedicated to the food industry have the great challenge of adapting.

Burger King. The future of its restaurants

In order to adapt to COVID-19 and its multiple challenges, Burger King presented a new design concept with the ultimate goal of adapting its establishments to the future and making them 100% safe in times of pandemic.

How gyms have adapted to the new reality

Each city experiences the coronavirus pandemic differently. Not only because of its characteristics, but also because of the incidence of cases in each place.

Help your business withstand the crisis

The economic crisis caused by Covid-19 has put more than a million SMEs at risk of bankruptcy. How can you keep your business afloat?

Break the mobile addiction, 7 apps to control the use

If you think you use your mobile too long, install these apps and cure yourself of your mobile addiction.

The best 6 programs for video conferencing

Thanks to the best video conferencing programs, you will be able to have more efficient meetings. They will also be more comfortable for both your clients and you.

What Is a D‑U‑N‑S Number?

The D‑U‑N‑S Number is used as the starting point for any company’s live business identity, the most comprehensive and continually updated view of any company in the Data Cloud.

How to earn money playing video games

One of the best parts of life is playing, whether it’s board games on a family night, or video games with your friends. If you love games, why not put them to work to generate income?

10 ways to earn money online

When I read about how to earn money online, on most sites I come across a system or link that is too good to be true.

Among Us: the game of the moment has been hacked

Among Us is the game of the moment and hackers know it too, so they attacked it. Users were spammed with a message promoting the vote for Trump and it continues.

What is Mind Mapping Software?

Mind mapping software is a brainstorming tool that allows you to create visual diagrams of your ideas

Which ecommerce platform to choose: The definitive guide

Creating an online store without inventory is a quick and easy process, but choosing the right ecommerce platform may not be so. With all the options on the market, you are sure to be a mess. That’s right.

We offer a comprehensive set of services for small companies. Our prime objective – guide business owners through the complex process, every step of the way.